From Boiler Servicing to Bathroom Installation in South Croydon | Mark Tibbs Ltd

If you live or work in the South Croydon area, there’s a strong chance you’ve walked past our bathroom showroom before. But did you know that we’re not merely a stockist, and in fact carry out both bathroom design and bathroom installation phases in-house, ensuring a consistently high standard of workmanship and minimal fuss for our clients? That’s in addition to a range of plumbing services our Gas Safe engineers deliver domestic clients in the area, including boiler installation and boiler servicing... It could be said we’re more than meets the eye!

For the benefit of South Croydon residents who’ve yet to make use of these services, we’ve looked to elaborate a little on the page below. So keep reading if you’re in the market for any of the aforementioned services – whether bathroom design, bathroom installation, boiler servicing or boiler installation – to learn more. Alternatively, you can always stop by our South Croydon bathroom showroom during opening hours, and our helpful team will be glad to be of service.

How We Help Our Clients in South Croydon

Bathroom Design – Truth be told, there are countless ways you can go wrong when it comes to bathroom design. That’s why it pays to choose professionals with a fantastic track record, such as Mark Tibbs Ltd in South Croydon. We’ll help you find the ideal suite, or combine elements from leading manufacturers to create something that forms a unique but conducive whole. You’ll need to consider how to maximise the space you have to work with, cater to end use (how you and co-occupants use your bathroom), and create an effective design that clicks with the wider property. We’ll work toward these goals step-by-step with you, making it stress-free and even, dare we say it, fun!

Bathroom Installation – Bathroom design is only half the battle; you could have the most fantastic and ambitious blueprints, but without the right expertise in conducting the bathroom installation itself, you may be left disappointed. Not with Mark Tibbs Ltd in South Croydon. As bathroom installation experts, we’ll ensure every element of your bathroom is properly implemented, leading to an immaculate finish aesthetically and a durability which means long-life without issue. We’re so confident in our bathroom installation capabilities, we offer long-term guarantees for client peace of mind. So check out some of our handiwork over on our gallery page!

Boiler Servicing – Manufacturers recommend boiler servicing every 12 months, in order to meet the terms of your warranty. Failing to have it serviced may see this warranty voided. But why? Well, boilers are complex things and a lot can go wrong with them, and when this happens, it can be highly dangerous for all occupants of a South Croydon property, with risk of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. So boiler servicing is an ideal opportunity to identify emerging issues and nip them in the bud. It can also lead to a more efficient boiler, saving you money on your heating bill. This makes it highly cost efficient, especially when you consider the cost of preventable boiler repair!

Boiler Installation – Even with regular boiler servicing, units still have a lifespan. After a while, the technology advances and you’re no longer getting something that’s as efficient or reliable as it could be. That being said, we only recommend investing in new boiler installation if your needs have changed (you add a second bathroom and struggle supplying hot water to both simultaneously), you’re moving into a new property with an old and unreliable (or inefficient) unit, or yours has totally broken down, as they can be somewhat expensive. But with competitive prices the likes of which you won’t find at other South Croydon boiler and bathroom showrooms, you can keep the cost of replacement down when you choose Mark Tibbs Ltd.

Have more specific question regarding our products or services? Whether bathroom design or boiler installation you’re interested in, call Mark Tibbs Ltd in South Croydon on 0208 651 6886.